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Learn how to live in your dream home with the potential to receive an income stream from the investment

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What you need to know to Invest & Rent

What's Invest & Rent?

CoVESTA's Invest & Rent gives you the opportunity to invest in and co-own your next home. Stop paying your landlord and have your money go towards an investment that you co-own.

Why should I Invest & Rent?

If you want to get a foothold in the property market, Invest & Rent is a great way to put your savings to work. You’ll have the potential to earn an income stream (where rental income exceeds property management expenses) and capital gains on your investment. You’ll also have potential to be the tenant for the 5 year term of the investment.

You got me interested, how do I do it?

Investing & Renting with CoVESTA is simple. Find out all the requirements and the application process, and learn how to get started today.

Starting with Invest & Rent


Apply for pre-approval


Choose your next home and buy at least 5 Blocks


Become the tenant

*subject to approval of final tenancy application


Potential income and capital gains.

*where rental income exceeds fees and expenses

Complete our Invest & Rent pre-approval form

To apply, you’ll need at least 5 years rental history, landlord references and details of your income. Then simply register with CoVESTA and complete the pre-approval form.

Our policy on accepting Invest & Rent applications aligns to our professional property manager and may vary from time to time as notified by the manager.

Choose your next home and buy at least 5 Blocks

Use CoVESTA to find the property you want to invest and live in. Then simply start an Invest & Rent syndicate on that property purchasing at least 5 Blocks.

Once all blocks are purchased we’ll purchase the property on your behalf and handle the conveyancing and tenancy arrangements.

Become the tenant*

*subject to approval of final tenancy application

Once the property transaction is settled you’ll be required to complete a formal tenancy application with the property manager. If approved you will become the tenant. Your rent will be set at a market rate and re-assessed each year in line with the market.

The tenancy agreement will be rolled over after each period for the term of the investment (usually 5 years+ unless the investors vote to sell early) subject to the terms of the agreement being met.

Access potential income and capital gains

As the tenant you pay rent as normal, but as a co-owner of the property you also receive income back* which you could use to increase your exposure to the property market.

You also have the potential for capital gains (or losses) and could buy more blocks (only where Blocks are made available for sale by other members) on the property over time. When the decision is made to finally sell the property you could then buy it outright.