Our story

How the CoVESTA team created Australia's newest property co-ownership platform

Our founding story

The problem

After seeing the great Australian dream of home ownership get further and further out of reach, CoVESTA's founders went on a mission. Their objective was to create an alternative way to invest and own property – a way that was accessible, affordable, and easier.

The status quo

CoVESTA's founders looked at the things that worked, and the things that didn't, with existing property investment models. On the one hand there was large real estate investment trusts. They have the advantage of being highly structured and well governed, and have low entry amounts for investors. However, they also remove investors ability to choose which properties to invest in as all the underlying investments are co-mingled. On the other hand, there was traditional direct real estate investment which requires a big (and getting bigger) deposit and potentially access to significant debt to fund the purchase, resulting in a highly leveraged and concentrated investment in a single asset.

The future

So the CoVESTA team went back to the drawing board, designing a unique property investment platform that paired governance and structure with accessibility and flexibility. And the more they talked and explored this new way to invest, the more it made sense. A group of passionate investors joined the team and CoVESTA began to recruit great talent, from local large banks, real estate agents, conveyancers, expert property investors and buyers agents.

Where we're at

Milestone 1

The beginning. A problem in the market was identified, and the idea for a co-ownership property platform was born.

Milestone 2

Seed funding raised. A group of passionate investors joined the team to lay the foundations of a property revolution.

Milestone 3

CoVESTA 1.0 From that original concept the team created the first version of the CoVESTA platform.

Milestone 4

Launch capital. Excitement and belief grew, leading to the founding investors providing the required additional capital to build a market ready platform and team.

Milestone 5

Building a team. Key talent was recruited to join the team.

Milestone 6

CoVESTA 2.0. Wholesale only version of the Platform was launched.

Milestone 7

CoVESTA 3.0 launched. Our third generation platform goes live to the retail market.

Our values

Our team

Daniel Noble
Daniel Noble Founder and CEO

CoVESTA is the brain child of Daniel. After more than 20 years working in the startup and venture capital space, he has a keen eye for identifying market gaps and opportunities – and CoVESTA was no different.

He could see friends and family struggling to get on the property ladder and decided there simply had to be a better way.

His mission was to combine his years' of experience in the financial, property and technology sectors to find a solution, which is what drove him to create CoVESTA – a way for everyday Australians to get into property.

Daniel specialises in the creation of new business ventures, operational and growth strategies, strategic partnerships and raising investment capital.

He has an Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing from Macleay College and a Masters of Business & Technology from Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW.

Michael Stuke
Michael Stuke Chief Operating Officer and CFO

Michael has the dual responsibility of keeping CoVESTA's business operations and bottom line on track.

He ensures we have the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, people and systems in place to effectively grow the company, securing our financial strength and operational efficiency.

Michael has more than 35 years' experience in risk management, finance, technology and actuarial areas of major financial institutions. Michael understands very well the challenges that people have in getting their first home.

Michael's mission is to provide an innovative solution to a traditional investment marketplace, making a property ownership attainable to every person.

He is a CPA, MAICD, BSc (Math & Computing) and has diverse professional qualifications in Australian Insurance Institute and Securities Institute of Australia.

David Curry
David Curry Chief Commercial Officer

David is responsible for the commercial direction and overall customer experience at CoVESTA.

He is committed to making it as easy as possible for everyday Australians to invest. Essentially, he takes the team's best ideas, then puts the necessary commercial pieces in place to deliver the benefits to customers.

David believes we can make a real difference to the wealth of many Australians and is passionate about helping the next generation get a foothold in what can otherwise seem like an almost impossible market.

With more than 20 years of product management experience in financial services, he has worked in leading payments and investment management businesses with up to $900m of recurring revenue. Past roles have included working in General Manager and executive leadership positions across major organisations including Westpac, NAB and the BT Financial Group. He has a Bsc Economics, is a chartered accountant and a certified investment management analyst.

Sarah Ng
Sarah Ng Business Process Manager

Sarah is highly driven and motivated with a focus on high-level execution. Her client-centric approach to new initiatives and business needs, alongside her ability to work autonomously and across global cross-functional project teams has enabled successful delivery of multiple strategic projects. She is passionate about empowering and coaching staff; driving a high performing team culture.

At CoVESTA, Sarah is responsible for steering the creation of business processes across Operations, Sales and Service functions to ensure teams work harmoniously together.

Sarah holds a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology) from University of New South Wales. To stay at the top of her game, she is currently pursuing further qualifications in Project Management and Scrum Master.

Ary Polura
Ary Polura Business Development Manager

Ary is responsible for developing and growing key relationships with various strategic channel partners.

He utilises and transfers his experience across the financial services, technology and property sectors to foster B2B opportunities that will ultimately assist everyday Australians in getting a foothold in the domestic property market.

A passion for building strong rapport, coupled with his reputation for excellent service, ensures Ary's clients always get what they need, when they need it.

He holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Daniel O'Reilly
Daniel O'Reilly Senior Software Engineer

Daniel is a senior software engineer with over 10 years experience, specialising in backend development and DevOps.

He has worked within a wide range of industries from eCommerce to startups. Daniel has a keen interest in keeping up with new and emerging technologies within the IT industry.

Daniel is responsible for the backend development and infrastructure, ensuring CoVESTA is always secure and available.

Tony Sepentulevski
Tony Sepentulevski Senior Software Engineer

Tony is a highly motivated full stack software engineer with almost 10 years experience in various technical and team leadership roles.

He brings to CoVESTA an abundance of knowledge and enthusiasm coming from his previous experience with various products in the market.

Tony thrives on working with cutting edge technology and enjoys a challenging work environment. He is super excited to work with the amazing crew here at CoVESTA and is eager to deliver an incredible product.

Graduating from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology, majoring in Internet Applications as well as a Diploma of Systems Administration from TAFE NSW, Tony has always had a passion for learning and CoVESTA is his next big step.

Mitchell Stuke
Mitchell Stuke Product and Marketing Coordinator

Mitchell is a highly motivated and passionate individual with skills equipped to manage and oversee product composition. His consumer-focused approach in creating strategies for product characteristics, maintaining research and market share, have enabled him to deliver opportunities and value wherever possible. Mitchell is passionate about the consumer experience and continuously aims to improve this through strategic projects.

At CoVESTA, Mitchell is responsible for reporting research results through understanding the customer as well as product support and marketing coordination.

Mitchell studies a combined degree of Business, majoring in marketing and management, as well as a bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney. As part of his study, he has achieved recognition through his project presentations and overall performance.