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With our property investment tools at your fingertips, investing in property is easy

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Three toolboxes for an effective and simple
property investment experience

To make good investment decisions - not just once, but every time - you need access to the right tools and ideas so you can stay focused on choosing the best investment for your future

Property tools

Property Platform


We don't decide which properties to purchase - you do. We'll provide you with access to all properties listed for sale in Australian industry databases, and you choose the one that's right for you.

  • Access properties listed for sale on the Australian property market in one easy platform
  • Refine your search by suburb, investment amount, property type, features and syndicate closing dates
  • Scan key metrics thanks to our grid-based search display

Market Insights

Data and analytics from CoreLogic

CoVESTA has teamed up with CoreLogic to bring you accurate market insights, helping you make confident investment decisions.

  • Financial data including estimated rental yield and average capital growth
  • Property summary reports including suburb snapshots and historical data
  • Price evaluations based on market trends and confidence levels, helping you decide on the purchase price

Lead Investor

Choice and control

  • Choose from different property types; from residential to commercial or industrial
  • You can invest directly, through a company, a family trust or a Self Managed Super Fund
  • Start or join different syndicate types; property-led, funds first or mandated funds first, where an experienced buyer's agent decides which property to buy

Connection tools

Investor Profiles

See what's happening in the market

  • Look beyond the broader home buyers property market to see what's happening in the property investment market
  • See what's been bought and how it performed. We'll highlight all syndicates bought, including the original block price and current market valuation
  • View open syndicates to see what's being transacted right now

Market Information

Stay informed

  • Follow properties and syndicates, and receive alerts so you can see what they're up to
  • Set up your profile to receive alerts on things you're interested in or that match your profile, such as property searches or new syndicates

Investor Chat

Connect and chat

  • Comment on properties or syndicates, and see the comments from other CoVESTORs so that you can join their conversations
  • Connect with other CoVESTORs and follow them. Chat with them using direct messages
  • Share your syndicate via social channels and invite others to join

Management tools

Online Management

Paper free purchase

  • You decide where to invest
  • We'll collect the funds from the syndicate members and negotiate the final price with the vendor
  • We establish the Trust and send the documents to your document centre
  • We also arrange conveyancing, contracts, inspection reports and final settlement

End-to-end Management

Ownership with less admin

  • We manage the property end-to-end including tenants, insurance, repairs and maintenance
  • We'll keep you up-to-date with what's happening with regular reports including property reports, distribution reports and tax time reporting
  • Key docs and reports will be stored in your personal digital filing cabinet

Acquisition Management

A simplified sale process

  • We'll contact you when it's time to vote on a sale (generally at the end of the 5 year term, unless more than 90% of block holders want to vote earlier)
  • We then manage the voting process and the end-to-end sales process
  • Net proceeds are then distributed into your bank account